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Whether it’s a huge conference with 100+ people attending or a small seminar with 20+ people attending, MediaSmith knows how to handle crowds and will produce the best photos that we can provide. Call us today for a free consultation on your event.

MediaSmith is a photography and videography company located in Phoenix, AZ. - We're usually hired to do event recaps and weddings. However, we've extended our reach into documentaries, music videos, commercials, and more. - If you're looking to realize your dream through high-definition content, please feel free to visit us at: - We'd love to work with you to fulfill your dream.

what is corporate videography? 


Corporate videography is when we get taken in by a corporation or business to create an event recap for them.


what is the purpose of corporate videography? 


The purpose of corporate videography, for us, is to highlight the event for the client that has hired us.


This is achieved in either of two ways (or both ways depending on the package a clients picks for us):


  1. Client testimonial - we interview event-goers and ask them how they felt about the event
  2. A creative video with highlights from the night with music set behind the video clips


This video is then released on social media for others to view. 


why should I consider an event recap for my business?


MediaSmith does an event recap for all events we get hired for.


We think it is a fun way to convey to folks that the event was a success.


Furthermore, for event managers that are looking to bolster ticket sales for parties, attract more clients, and/or attract better paying clients; this is the best way to attract eyes.


Event videography allows your clients to talk for you.


When you, the client, tells your potential client that the event is fun, then your potential client may not be inclined to believe you because they think that you just want increased ticket sales.


However, if you show them a video with people accrediting your service, then they are more likely to convert to a sale.



what does mediasmith offer with event videography?


As with our commercials, it is our goal to capture your clients' attention from the get-go.


All of our packages come with a free consultation. 


MediaSmith will consult you on how to reach out to your desired audience on social media with your event recap.



pricing for event videography in phoenix, az


Pricing for event videography is dependent on the type of event you would like us to cover.


Please feel free to contact us by clicking the button below. 


We look forward to hearing from you.