Let the Force Be With You

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was one of the best movies I had seen in a long time. Granted, I don't really watch movies to begin with. Star Wars holds a special place in my heart. For other videographers, it was a way for them to understand how to tell their story without all the fancy effects. Back when George Lucas had shot Star Wars: A New Hope, the effects and the editing was absolutely pivotal to its success.

But, for me, success from Star Wars comes from the story. 

Rey, Finn, and and Poe are all incredibly diverse characters that stray so far away from their typical tropes that people don't even recognize it. 

Rey is a fantastic female lead because she's strong, smart, and funny, but also incredibly vulnerable.

Finn is a standout character because they don't have to say, "HI I AM BLACK. LOOK AT MY SKIN. I AM BLACK." for his character to appeal to anybody. His acting was so strong that it didn't need those tropes to push his boundaries.

Honestly, at first, I thought Poe was going to be a knock off Han Solo. But we saw so little of his integral acting that it had the audience wanting more. 

We are just being introduced to these characters - all so vulnerable in a huge galaxy. With the departures of mainstay characters, I hope that the new faces have time to develop.

With that said, I hope you all have a fantastic time watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Even if it isn't your thing, please respect the people who do want to watch it spoiler-free. It truly is a huge movie for Disney to create and I look forward to Episode VIII. 

- Joshua