Saying Goodbye to 2015.

2015 has departed and 2016 has arrived.

This year has been incredibly kind to us. 

We have had the privilege of covering events from Flagstaff all the way to Tucson. 

Being able to go to conventions, events, weddings, anniversaries, and more has just been an experience I can never forget. 

Weekends are always fun when I stay busy and when I get to spend it with people who are also wanting to have a great time.

However, the most important thing about 2016 is that we are going to start MANY new projects as well as delegating tasks within the company to make it more efficient. Three projects I personally hope to jump start are:

  • Company calendar that is available to the public
  • Sports coverage (Soccer and Autosports)
  • Music coverage (producing and tracking the progress of musicians)

I have also decided to offer a discounted rate off of our services if someone books with us in the month of January. It is a new year and we want you all to start it off right by putting your faith in photographers and videographers that will deliver the quality you are looking for.

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If you are booking us because you read this blog page, please inform us and we will add an additional 10% off (10% for booking in advance; 10% for contacting us from the blog; 20% discount in total) of your requested package.

Make sure to book MediaSmith for your photography and videography needs today!

- Joshua