GoPro lays off 7 percent of its staff, warns of poor sales

Original article by Sean O'Kane

GoPro has been immensely popular amongst videographers and photographers. Personally speaking, I don't think we have ever seriously considered using one. For us, it has always been easier to move tripods strategically so equipment doesn't get caught on camera. 

However, since we are videographers and photographers out here, I think it would be worth it to weigh our opinion on these happenings.

GoPro is, without a doubt, an iconic piece of technology. Whenever people see any sort of video that includes any sort of mounting to something out of the ordinary, they will usually say,

"Oh, it's a GoPro."

But, as we are commonly seeing now, there are other alternatives to GoPro. It is also why GoPro is becoming phased out. Now that the competition is able to offer something similar to the GoPro experience for a lesser price, GoPro isn't able to compete anymore. They are also suffering from not wanting to reduce their price. It is priced as it is because of the GoPro brand.