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MediaSmith - Anniversary Photography - Phoenix, AZ

Anniversary photos can be just as important as the wedding photos for some couples. If you want to commemorate your anniversary with professionally taken photographs, please contact the MediaSmith team today.

what's the difference between MediaSmith's

anniversary photography and wedding photography?


MediaSmith's anniversary photography coverage doesn't require us to take pictures before the event.


Since we do not have to take pictures before the event, our prices are scaled down to take that into consideration.


If you would like to see the difference in pricing for our anniversary and wedding photography packages, please click the big red box below that says " MORE INFO ON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY". 



client testimonials and our credibility


It is very important to MediaSmith that people trust us based on what others have said about us in the past. 


We encourage you all to check out what other people are saying about us.


It doesn't matter if we say we're cool. 


It matters that others say we're cool.


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Just a reminder that we do have special seasonal offerings and year round offers that we apply for certain clientele. If you believe you qualify for said offers, please click the button below to find out more.