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Feeling left behind in today’s modern age? Does everyone but your business have high quality photos? Or are your high quality photos not on the same level as your competitors’? Contact MediaSmith today for a free consultation on what your business can improve in the photography and/or videography department.

MediaSmith has had the pleasure of photographing events for local businesses such as the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce, Ray Mar Productions, and James Reams & the Barnstormers.


Pricing for business photography in Phoenix, AZ

Pricing for business photography in Phoenix, AZ

Pricing for business photography in Phoenix, AZ

Pricing for business photography in Phoenix, AZ

Pricing for business photography in Phoenix, AZ

Pricing for business photography in Phoenix, AZ


As social media starts to emerge as the dominant way to get in touch with your clientele, it is imperative that businesses follow the trend. Having photos and video to show what you do and how you do it will bring in more clientele. It also shows how busy and active your business is. Businesses that photos or video to document their ongoing activities tend to scare away potential clients. 

Those clients want to know that there is a buzz surrounding your company. A company that is stagnant and only getting business every few weeks is a business that desperately needs to overhaul their attempt to reach out to their audience. We look to rectify that by providing quality photos of events that businesses hold. 

Getting photos done of a press conference, an awards show, or a corporate party is a sure-fire way to not only raise awareness for potential clientele, but also prospective job hunters.


Business pricing is a bit special especially if you are with a big corporation. With that said, chances are our regular seasonal offerings and year round offerings aren't applicable to you. If you click below and nothing meets that criteria, please contact us anyways!


We are willing to offer a 10% discount on any package for any and all small businesses that book with us.


Furthermore, we would also like to offer a 25% discount on any package for any and all nonprofit organizations that book with us.



As a small business ourselves, we believe that photography and videography is essential to the growth and development of a small business that deals with clientele face-to-face. The clients that we have shot with before have been extremely happy with our services. For us, it's not just about going out and photographing the event; it's ensuring that we paint ourselves and our clientele in a good way. 


We have full faith in the quality that each of these packages represents. One is not the higher price of another because you gain much more value - it's that you have placed value in other aspects of a package. 


If you are interested in booking with us for your business photography, click the link below that says Contact Us. If you'd like to see what other companies have said about us, click the link below that says Businesses We Have Worked With.