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Got a huge party or event for your company? Do you want your event to be remembered for years to come and not through awkwardly taken selfies? Call MediaSmith today and get a free consultation on how MediaSmith handles event photography.

Event pictures vary from: book signings, conventions, automobile events, festivals, and more. We always provide documentation and details of how we cover events to EVENT COORDINATORS. When we cover an event as press, we look to promote the organization or event to the fullest.


Event photography rates in Phoenix, AZ

Event photography rates in Phoenix, AZ

Event photography rates in Phoenix, AZ

Event photography rates in Phoenix, AZ

Event photography rates in Phoenix, AZ

Event photography rates in Phoenix, AZ


The best way to advertise, sometimes, is to let your attendees do it themselves. There's a lot of extra buzz when people are enjoying your event. We are usually one of those attendees. MediaSmith scours events and takes the best crowd pictures. Our team is extremely diverse in these situations - we have members of our team that like posed photos while we have other members of the team that like to get photos from afar with telephoto lenses. 

With our high quality gear, we are able to take multiple photos from afar and capture the true essence of an event.

It's difficult to explain how fun an event can be with posed photos. When we take photos from afar, we capture their true feelings because people will act differently when a camera is pointed on them. 


MediaSmith does not currently offer any special offers or pricing for event coverage. However, if you have landed on this page without checking out the rest of the site, we highly recommend checking out our other offers. Check out what our exclusive clientele has access to by clicking the button below! Or, if you want to see what sort of special offers we have, then click the other button!



Covering events has always been something we did for fun. Eventually, we found out that there was value in the reporting we were doing. It is a great way for people to find out about events they can attend to in Phoenix. There is always this dreadful feeling of not finding anything to do over a weekend.


As stated previously, we understand the importance and the impact of photography and videography at an event. It is usually a fair exchange for a photographer and the event organizer. So, we implore you to check out what our clients have said about us by clicking the client testimonials button. If you saw a price point that caught your eye, let us know by sending us an email. Our email can be found by clicking the contact us button below.