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Need a reliable, proven group of photographers to take over your big day? Don’t rely on your cousin’s aunt’s uncle to take care of your massive, life-changing event. Get a free quote and consultation about our wedding photographer services by calling us today!

Wedding photography is our speciality. 



This is one of my favorite packages out of all the services I provide - both photography and videography. It's where I started off and appropriately priced as such. JUST THE PHOTOS is straight to the point.  


  • Engagement Session @ One Location within 20 miles of Phoenix, AZ (travel fees applicable) 
  • Full ceremony coverage
  • Reception coverage for three hours - guaranteed dances, cake cutting, and toasts
  • Over 100 high resolution digital files
  • Digital photos are available within two-four days of the wedding*
  • Thank You cards


* = What makes JUST THE PHOTOS a special package is that we get your photos to you almost immediately after the wedding date. We know you want to share these with your friends and family as soon as possible, so we work diligently to maintain our quality standards while giving you the best photos we can provide. 


  • All options from JUST THE PHOTOS with the exception of asterisk items
  • Second shooter
  • Slideshow montage of the pictures taken
  • Five (5) 4x6 prints
  • Four (4) Wallet prints
  • One (1) 8x10 print
  • Photo album*


* = The photo album is an asterisk item on here because there is an upgraded version of it on the next tier.


This is our best offered tier and our most popular for a simple reason: more bang for your buck! We include video in this package. Although it is not the same coverage as our regular wedding videography, the value is still phenomenal. 


  • All options from THE EXPERIENCE with the exception of asterisk items
  • Five minute "Sneak Peek" wedding film
  • Photo booth that shows pictures as they are taken via a 32 inch TV
  • Photo booklet
  • No overtime charges


All prices are final. We require a 50% down payment on your package. The down payment is enough for us to attend the wedding and take the photos. The remaining 50% is required upon delivery of photos.


We are aware that wedding photography is more than our art and our style. We understand that it is also about what the client wants. We are also aware of the massive horror stories about wedding photographers - photographers who take ages to get back to you. By the time they get your weddings photo to you, the "high" of the event is already over and you just swiftly tuck them away.

Our turn around time for photos is

two weeks

even with the photo booth photos taken into consideration.

Additionally, it has become increasingly popular to request an engagement photography shoot - something similar to senior portraits but with a bit more formality involved. 

All packages come with an engagement shoot. No need to pay for an extra shoot. It's already factored in.


Just a reminder: we do offer special pricing to those who qualify. We can make your wedding photography even more affordable. Exclusive clientele includes (but is not limited to) educators and active duty personnel. Check it out by clicking the buttons below.


If you are someone who is being referred to us: please tell us who is referring you. We offer special packaging and prices to those who are referred to us. It's our way of saying "thank you" to you for choosing us and the previous client who referred you.



We are well known by our clients for providing affordable and competitive pricing while maintaining quality that can only be found with companies who charge thousands of dollars for them to cover your event. Our clients always speak highly of us and we try our very best to live up to those expectations. As mentioned above, we highly encourage you to check out the exclusive clientele page and the special offers page.