MediaSmith - Car Photography - Phoenix, AZ

Having problems selling your car because your pictures don’t get the right amount of detail across to a prospective buyer? Or do you just want nice, high quality pictures of your car? Contact MediaSmith today for a free consultation on what we would do to help solve your problem.


MediaSmith does their best to cover automobiles and events related to automobiles. Not only are we invited to cover auto shows as press, but we also offer our photography services to local clientele.


Just a friendly reminder that we do have special seasonal offerings and year round offers that we apply for certain clientele. These offerings aren't just for our wedding and anniversary packages, they apply to everything we do. If you believe you qualify for these offers, please click the respective button below to find out more.


Every car enthusiast wants a nice picture of their ride. It is something they are proud about. Some people just see cars as transportation, but, as the business owners are car enthusiasts themselves, they understand what it is like to have an attachment to their car. All of our clients have been extremely happy with their photo shoots. The photos serve as a constant reminder that you're driving something you love - something you have a connection to. 

As such, we aimed to keep prices as low as possible (like that sputtering Honda that just rolled on by)! If you see the value in $500+ brake discs, then we know you can see the value in an all day shoot for $495. Check out what our clientele has said about their car shoots on our Client Testimonials page.  If you are interested in booking with us for a photography session, click the link below that says Contact Us.