MediaSmith - Professional vs. Amateur Photography

We’ve heard all the regular horror stories of hiring your first cousin third removed to the sixth power for your important event. So, what does a company who handles year-round bookings think about amateur photographers?



I had attended an unpaid event for four hours to photograph a book signing for a professor.


He had paid another photographer to take pictures for him.


Here is a comparison between a professional business with guaranteed quality service plus product versus an amateur photographer.


Do not let your precious events turn out like this.





Photography is a game of smoke and mirrors.


Most of the fancy effects you see on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter nowadays are thanks to the genius of post production work.


However, it is difficult to make a bad picture look better. MediaSmith uses Photoshop and Lightroom to touch up every single picture we take. 


There are three beliefs among potential clients:


  1. Anyone can be a photographer.
  2. The more equipment a photographer/videographer has, the better they are
  3. The more expensive the equipment the better the photographer/videographer is


The "Amateur" photo was taken with a set-up that was on the same tier as my DSLR.


The only difference between the "Professional" photo and the "Amateur" photo is that I had an external flash on my camera.


There isn't anything extravagant about what we do.


Genuinely, as open as we can be to you all, our photos are great because we did a bit of research.


There is no secret and certainly no "insider knowledge". 


Phoenix, Arizona | 04-21-18; Vincente Farias + Maria Perez Ayala (St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church) | Wedding Photography  MediaSmith LLC - - Taken by Joshua Smith

Phoenix, Arizona | 04-21-18; Vincente Farias + Maria Perez Ayala (St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church) | Wedding Photography

MediaSmith LLC - - Taken by Joshua Smith


our take on affordable photography and videography



There is such a thing as an affordable photographer!


You do not want the photographer that shoots with a stock lens at your wedding, do you?


Yes, they may cost you some pocket change and they may hang around the bar all night, but at least you have pictures from that night, correct? 



Don't skimp out on good photographers!



When we have an "oopsie" while shooting, it usually means that the photo is still good, but not up to our usual standards. 



If your niece who just started practicing with a DSLR has an "oopsie", chances are she's shooting straight to a JPEG format anyways!




Well, what's the difference between a

professional photography and an amateur photographer?



MediaSmith has contracts.


I create the schedule for pictures and collaborates with the event staff to ensure that conditions are optimum for photography and videography.


Most importantly, MediaSmith has credibility. Several clients have booked us: families, friends, coworkers, small businesses, and corporate offices. 



We have created a fantastic middle ground for clientele.


Not only can we provide the best affordable prices for photographers and videographers in Phoenix, but we also take your photos and videos with the best equipment possible.


MediaSmith uses high end DSLRs like the 5D Mark III, high quality L-lenses from Canon, and low aperture lenses for videography. 


An amateur cannot provide that

photography or videography quality.


Affordable photography and videography starts with an email to us.


All of our consultations are free.


There is zero pressure to book us and no sales tactics are used. 


We just want the best for your event.


If that means hiring another company because we just can't get you what you need, then that's fine with us.


But we're confident that we'll be able to get you what you need!





If you are still teetering on the edge, feel free to check out our client testimonials by clicking the respective button below.