MediaSmith - Street Photography - Phoenix, AZ

Have you heard of the Aloha Festival located in Tempe? How about the Matsuri Festival located in the heart of Phoenix? MediaSmith’s team hones their photography skills by taking photographs at festivals such as the ones listed above.

what events does MediaSmith cover?


MediaSmith tries to cover the same events every year. The main photographer, Joshua Smith, tries to add new festivals to his calendar whenever he is available. Since he does go out and shoot these events for free, he always encourages people to contact him about going out to their event.


Having high quality and professional work for your event is incredibly important for two reasons:


1) It increases brand presence.


2) People are much more likely to look at a picture that's interesting. 


 And the folks here at MediaSmith are always great at getting interesting pictures!


what is the benefit of doing these events for free?


MediaSmith's owner, Joshua smith, doesn't believe everything needs to have a dollar amount tacked onto it for him to go out and cover an event. 


In this case, he believes there is a lot of value in him and his team going out and honing their skills out at events and festivals. 


If this is a question you thought of when you saw this page, we highly encourage you to scroll to the top of this page and check out our blog. Joshua has a series of blog posts where he talks about each festival he goes to and the importance of it on his photography skills.


Or if scrolling up isn't your thing, then click this big red button with the white text that says "BLOG". 


are images sold for a profit? 



Images are not sold for a profit or improperly distributed online.



where do these photos go?



MediaSmith posts their street photography photos on the event page on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. We also send them directly to the hosts of the event.



I am in your photos. How do I get them? 


If you would like the photos, please contact us by clicking that big red box with the white text that says,

"CONTACT US" at the bottom of this page.


If you see yourself in a photo and you want it removed, please follow the same process.


MediaSmith does their best to get the permission of everyone before pictures are posted.