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MediaSmith has had the pleasure of working with James Reams & the Barnstormers to produce a feature length film that has been screened across the nation. Contact MediaSmith for a free consultation on your potential documentary!

Like A Flowing River: A Bluegrass Passage is a documentary that was brainstormed among James Reams and Joshua Smith of MediaSmith in December 2016. Work commenced on the documentary in early January 2017.  A Kickstarter has been created for it and you can access it by clicking the button below.

beginnings of the documentary


James Reams has been working with MediaSmith's Joshua Smith since 2012.


However, the idea of a documentary didn't emerge until late 2016. The idea of the documentary was pitched from James Reams to Joshua Smith. The documentary was going to encapsulate James Reams' twenty-five years as a band leader.


In January 2017, the storyboard creator, Kim Crecca, sent over the storyboard to Joshua Smith. 


Thus began the long collaboration that spanned the nation - from New York to Phoenix. 


Documentary In Production - the story


The documentary was split into three parts: Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3 + Credits.


Act 1 was necessary for us to introduce James Reams as a character. We needed to build him up for people to care about him.


Act 2 gave us background on James during his career. The viewers find out about James' struggles, how he overcomes those struggles, and how he encounters more struggles.


Act 3 focuses on James after the passing of his then-wife, Tina. The viewers get to find out about how James recreated his band in Phoenix, AZ.


documentary in production - mediasmith's responsibility


MediaSmith was responsible for editing the entire documentary.


MediaSmith also filmed the intro and outro of the documentary for James Reams.


Footage of the Vail Theater was also shot by MediaSmith. A highlight reel (event recap) was made by MediaSmith from this footage. MediaSmith also took photographs of the event as well.


MediaSmith was not responsible for the footage shot by the videographers James Reams employed for segments in the middle of the documentary.


documentary in production - behind the scenes


Behind the scenes editing work of James Reams' Like A Flowing River: A Bluegrass Documentary will soon be available for everyone to view.


The behind the scenes footage will show the collaborative effort between MediaSmith and James Reams. 


Most importantly, it will show others how many hours of work goes into a one hour film. 


The Final Product


pricing documentaries


We do not have a set price for creating a documentary.


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We look forward to creating another film/documentary!