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Are you on YouTube? What about Instagram? Twitter? Facebook?! It’s the digital age. Not having a presence online is dangerous for a business. Learn how to increase your online presence by calling MediaSmith for a free consultation on how much a commercial would cost.

Creating a commercial can be difficult depending on the task given to us! We are either given footage that has already been filmed or we are tasked with creating the footage, editing it ourselves, and coming out with the final product. Believe it or not, the former is much more difficult than the latter. This video above is a promotional video I created for Ray Mar Productions. I took video that was already shot and then edited it to fit a reel. 



Each company wants something different.


Sometimes they want something like the commercial above or sometimes they want something different and more in-depth. 


Creating the commercial is the easy part.


What we need from you - the client - is your vision.


What are we trying to create?


What is the end game?


Before we go out and start shooting video, we need to know what the point of it is. Most of the time, this is the most difficult thing to answer. 


We create the storyboard beforehand and write it all out before we tackle the project. Although the storyboard may change during production, we want to ensure that we have a clear beginning, middle, and end. 



After all the emails and brainstorms are done, then we move on to the fun part.

As you are our potential client, we need you to know that we do have proper steps in creating a commercial. 





Each commercial is handcrafted and tailored to each client we work with. 


With that said, there is no set price for creating a commercial. 


As with our documentaries, we need to assess the scope of work before we quote you. 


Please get in contact with us by clicking this big red button below.



SPECIAL OFFERS for partnering with mediasmith


The market is in love with quick, snappy videos. It is why apps like Instagram and Snapchat are alive and well.


There is no "in-between" for your commercials, ads, and content. 


You either need to make a commercial that is well worth someone spending their time watching or you need to create a commercial that will get your message across in less than a minute.


MediaSmith is exceptional at creating these videos, commercials, and ads.


It is our goal to capture your clients' attention from the get-go. 


Not only will MediaSmith create your commercial for you, but we will also teach you how to reach out to your desired audience on social media with your new commercial.


If you're interested and want more information about the videos, commercials, and ads we create, feel free to hit this big red button.


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future partnerships with mediasmith


MediaSmith has established credibility amongst small business owners such as James Reams & The Barnstormers and Ray Mar Productions.


We know that we have the credentials to create the commercials you are looking for.


Partnering with MediaSmith will be beneficial for both parties in the long-term and short-term. 



If you partner with us, we will produce
every commercial after your first fully paid commercial by 25%.



Creating a partnership is incredibly important to us because it establishes credibility amongst new and ongoing clients.


Let us know if you are interested in a commercial or partnering with us by clicking the button below!


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