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Emerging artist? Been in the industry for over 20+ years? The owner and operator of MediaSmith has worked with both types of artists and knows exactly how to increase your following via high quality video. Get a free consultation with MediaSmith today by giving us a call.

MediaSmith is a photography and videography company located in Phoenix, AZ. - We created this event recap for James Reams & the Barnstormers during their performance at the Vail Theater.

MediaSmith has worked alongside Bluegrass Legend James Reams. MediaSmith also continues to help develop and cultivate musically talented artists that do not have access to the experience or funds necessary to highlight their future careers. 

i've been living under a rock, so what is a music video?


Music videos used to be those things that made popular TV spots popular. 


Nowadays, music videos are expected by artists whether or not they are big-time or just starting out.


why create a music video?


Music videos are forever.


They are a way to connect with your audience even when you aren't playing shows or selling merch.


This is a way for audiences to listen to your music even when you aren't playing the music.


It also gives you the chance to show your personality through video.


what is the process of creating a music video?


We always sit down with the artist and discuss musical direction. 


It is imperative that we create a music video that suits the message that the artist is delivering. 


The first thing we establish is whether or not we're creating a story for the music video.


If we aren't, then we skip a few steps such as writing the narrative and creating a comprehensive storyboard.