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Worried that your wedding video will turn out looking like it was filmed on an iPhone? Or that it was filmed in the hands of someone who just can’t stop shaking the camera? MediaSmith is a team of videographers that have over 5+ years of experience in wedding videography. Contact us today to get a free consultation on a wedding videography package.

MediaSmith has covered weddings from: set-up, rehearsals, ceremony, and the reception. Not only do we provide the videos requested, but we also provide a small selection of photographs that we take as well.

where has mediasmith done wedding videography at?


We have covered weddings at venues all over the state of Arizona - from Phoenix, Flagstaff, and to Tucson.


One of our favorites was the Tempe Center for the Arts located in Tempe, AZ.


Being able to do photography and videography at places such as the Tempe Center for the Arts is a privilege.


We look forward to shooting at exciting new places all the time!






All quotes for wedding videography are free.


Even if you decide not to hire us, we will consult you on what you should expect for your important day.


Before you call us, we would like you to know that we have three tiers of packages, but we are always interested in getting the best deal for our clients whether that is by adding or taking things out of packages to meet their needs.



wedding videography + wedding photography


Although MediaSmith primarily specializes in photography, we actually started out doing wedding videography beforehand.


The allure of photography is that it captures moments and that one picture can speak thousands of words.


With videography, it has a similar value, but it was be crafted in a much more particular way: audio particularly.


We have specific Wedding Videography + Wedding Photography packages that are tailored specifically to each client to provide the best quality and value for our clients.


Call us today and find out why it's best to hire a company to do both your wedding videography and photography! 



what's the benefit of hiring a company for both

wedding photography + wedding videography?



Bundling wedding photography and wedding videography is incredibly beneficial to us.


Although we work well with other videographers and photographers, it is difficult coordinating where everyone will be during the best moments in the wedding.


When you hire MediaSmith for wedding photography and wedding videography, you give us the ability to take full control of the situation during key moments of your event.


For example, we plan out where everyone will stand and rotate during the ceremony.


With that plan in mind, we are able to ensure that no photographer or videographer is in the back of your shots.


This helps increase the immersion for your photos.



pricing for wedding videography in phoenix, az


For more information about our pricing, please e-mail us by clicking this link below.

We will answer within 24 hours.