About MediaSmith

— This is MediaSmith - your videographers and/or photographers located in Goodyear, AZ.

Joshua Smith

Owner & Operator

I own and operate MediaSmith!


Hi everyone!


If you look at this website and you see anything written in first person, that's from my very own perspective! 


My photography and videography team is based out of Goodyear, AZ.


For those of you not familiar with the towns, you can essentially call us photographers and videographers based out of Phoenix, AZ!



I am a graduate of Arizona State University. My Bachelors Degree was in Business.


I have three Associates Degrees in Business from Estrella Mountain Community College as well.


I have four brothers - one of which also takes photos with me at weddings and anniversaries.


Our family also has two great dogs (seen above).


I never intended to actually own a small business.


The increase of work meant that I had to start the paperwork to legally become a business.


Most of my work comes from people who have referred me to others.


I believe this is because I am incredibly easy to work with.


I love doing what I do.


If a client approaches me with an idea, I will always attempt to do it unless I know immediately that it would turn out poorly. 


Although I do a lot of corporate and wedding photography, my aspiration to do photography stems from wanting to capture moments in motorsports like Formula 1.


I am currently working towards making contacts within the motorsports and sporting industry.


I love the story of sport and the stories of the athletes who got to where they were. 


I hope you have an opportunity to work with my team and I!




Andre Herring

The Second Photographer




Andre is a photographer with the MediaSmith LLC team based out of Surprise, AZ.


Andre is my partner in crime when I need a second photographer.


He has the lenses to get up close and personal to our clients.


Meanwhile, I have the telescopic lenses that allows me to take candid photos from afar.


This balance allows us to get two types of shots: 


The first shot is the type of shot where people are aware the camera is on them.


People have the tendency to overact and/or overreact to the camera when it's on them.


Normally this means that they will pose for the camera.


The second shot is the type of shot where people are unaware of the camera (i.e. candid photos).


These are the shots I get because people are in their natural mood!


This is why Andre is important to the MediaSmith team. 




Isaac Smith

The Equipment Guy

He hauls all my equipment around when I go out to photography shoots.


This is my youngest brother, Isaac Smith. 


Without him, things would not run as smoothly as I would like them to.


Setting up equipment, to me, is a massive drag and throws me off my game!


He is also responsible for moving lighting around for me when I shoot with a wireless trigger.


We squeeze out the best possible pictures because he moves quickly when I direct him to move lighting.


Having two people working simultaneously is important because it allows us to capture every single moment. 


I hope that by working alongside me, he learns the basic level of customer service that I employ every day and how to interact with clients.


Essentially, I value learning soft skills much faster than learning technical skills.


He will learn technical skills with time.


Soft skills builds relationships and it's better to learn that immediately than somewhere down the line!




Glen Smith

The Assistant Photographer

I assist the owner, Joshua Smith.


Glen is currently based in Norfolk, VA.


He moved to this end of the United States for my day job and while he never actually considered doing photography as a job; it has been something nice to do when he has the time.


He is currently attempting to broaden his photography horizons in Virginia via referrals.


Glen graduated from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Applied Business Manager and he is going to American Public University to obtain his Masters in Public Administration with a focus in Management.


He also has two Associates Degrees from Estrella Mountain Community College and a Bachelors in Secondary Education with a focus in Math that he would love to finish at some point in life.